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I'm a mediamatician, I have studied two years of economic computer science and one year of business studies.
I'm working as a junior marketing manager for Newschool Marketing in Gossau right now.


I have a creative mind and like to use it for marketing concepts.


It's like talking to my computer in HTML5, CSS3 and some other languages to tell it what to show you.


Managing a project including a few people and get my team to make every costumer happy. I love this kind of work :D


Multimedia productions like a movie or a photo. Mainly working with a DSLR camera.


Yes my dear friend, every information about you has to get saved somewhere. BIG DATA!


Developing some fancy ways to get clients to buy everything. Get in contact with me if you want your sales to skyrocket!


These pictures below are to show you who I am.

About me

Who I am

My name is Nico Sciavilla. I’m a 24 y/o man. I live in Scherzingen, that's a small village in Switzerland, located between Kreuzlingen and Romanshorn.
I enjoy my free time playing volleyball, basketball, card games, reading books, cooking, listening to music and playing video games. Most of the time with my girlfriend and/or friends. I'm a very social and extrovert person.

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I've already caught them all! Muahaha!


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I've spent a lot of time playing video games...


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